just one step beyond cooking

Row after row of empty Ball® pint, quart and jelly jars stand at the ready. What will you fill them with? The possibilities are endless. When gardens overflow with the harvest, it’s time to capture the abundance of the summer season.

Whether you are a first-timer or you have been canning for decades, you want to give your family the tastiest, healthiest, most nutritious foods possible. In the pages of this blog, you will find everything you need to know about canning and preserving, as well as a host of sweet and savory recipes that will bring nature’s goodness to your table – right through the winter months.

This section of the blog contains detailed information about food classification, canning equipment, and methods for preserving – everything from pre-canning planning basics to post-processing storage. No one offers an easier-to-follow, more complete reference than the Ball Blue Book® Guide to Preserving. We’ll walk you through every step, complete with tested recipes and time-saving tips.

The irresistible appeal of canning and preserving is timeless. Let the whole family join in the fun of harvesting, preparing, simmering and preserving homemade goodness. Seal the freshness of the season in Ball jars; you will be amazed at the sense of accomplishment you feel when you place your trophies on the pantry shelf.

The Ball Blue Book Guide To Preserving has been the unrivaled guide to home canning for more than 100 years. We hope this collection of recipes will inspire you to create flavorful, healthy dishes that come from the best place of all – your kitchen.

*Adapted from Ball Blue Book® Guide to Preserving


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